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Taking Root

Mission: A progressive approach that is personalized to ensuring that every family is safe, healthy, and connected by inspiring stable housing, financial independence, and resilience.

Our Model

Our program serves both Ada and Canyon Counties in Idaho. If you are currently experiencing homelessness, head over to our ”Get Help” page to learn more about how to access Taking Root.

Stable Housing: Getting families into a home rapidly provides the best chance to build a stable and sustainable life. Working with local property managers and landlords, we will rapidly house families living tonight in emergency shelter on the streets. There is no such thing as a temporary solution; therefore, the family signs a lease in their name. The house is permanent. It is their home. We sponsor the application fee, security deposit, rent and utility allowance while we work together. We offer as much rental assistance as is needed to stabilize each family; for some families that’s two months and for others it’s six.

Case Management: Each family is paired with a case manager to work toward long-term stability and success. We believe in strengthening families. We co-create a Housing Stability Plan that improves the health, income, wellness, and resilience of the entire household. It’s a sincere opportunity to build a sustainable life. And we commit to walking by each participants’ side.

Financial Independence: Once the key turns into their new home, our case managers get to work. Through intensive financial literacy and the CATCH Match Savings Program, families increase their annual income on average by over $6,000 and their savings by $1,000, making sustainable their new home.

Resilience: We recognize that the family and the children have experienced trauma in their journey, we want to co-create a new story based on their strengths that have served them to this moment. We believe that language matters. Read more why we use people first language here.

CATCH Match: Established by Mountain West Bank in 2008, the CATCH Match Savings Program inspires families to save. Thanks to the vision and leadership of Mountain West Bank (who received a national Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Award in New Orleans, LA in 2009 for this initiative), we help you open a savings account at the bank of their choice, and then match each dollar saved up to $500.