CATCH offers a vast array of services to families with children who are experiencing homelessness. First and foremost, CATCH rapidly re-houses families living in local homeless shelters. After securing housing, CATCH offers intensive case management services and links to other relevent community resources. CATCH provides the daily use of its family resource center, which allows family members to actively search for work in a supportive environment while young children have a safe environement to play. Finally, CATCH offers a nationally recognized “CATCH Match” program component, which allows families to save money while in the program. Local banks match dollar-for-dollar up to $500 what families are able to save while in the CATCH program.

If you are homeless with children and need immediate shelter, please contact a local shelter provider immediately.

rentalRental Assistance

Every month, CATCH pays the rent for participating families and continues to do so until families are able to pay their own rent and be self sufficient again.Through vital partnerships with local congregations and businesses. ...Read More

case managementCase Management

Case management is one of the most vital components of the CATCH model. Each CATCH family is paired with a licensed social worker who serves as the family’s case manager throughout their time in the program. ...Read More

CATCH matchСATCH Match

Established in 2008, the CATCH Match component helps CATCH families save big while in the program.Thanks to the vision and leadership of Mountain West Bank (who received a national Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). ...Read More

job searchJob Search

Once families have secured permanent housing again, CATCH then begins the real work of helping families become self sufficient again. Many families come to CATCH without steady employment. ...Read More

if you are homelessIf You Are Homeless with Children

Please contact any of our referring agencies, who can connect you with immediate services and determine if you are eligible for CATCH (see Eligibility Criteria). These agences can also provide you with a CATCH application. ...Read More