CATCH Phrases

Words are life. In their own words, CATCH families and strategic partners have been able to articulate why CATCH works and why it resonates in our community.

You gave us life back.

- Dawn

They (the kids) tore through the apartment jumping and smiling, planning where things would be in their room.

- Tracy

Government cannot fix homelessness. What it’s going to take is a community effort.

- Ross Mason, Regional Director, Idaho Department of Health & Welfare

What’s the role of government, what's the role of business, what’s the role of religion? Instead of dividing us, CATCH brings us together.

- Rabbi Dan Fink

Anyone who has ever tried to be helpful knows how hard it is to actually be helpful. CATCH is helpful to families, and we are privileged to be a part of it.

- Pastor Mark Davis

We are impacting and changing people's lives.

- Mayor Garrett Nancolas, City of Caldwell

We were at the bottom, hopeless, and left with no options and CATCH reached out and lifted us up and showed us we can succeed.

- Sarah

CATCH ensures that the business community isn’t just throwing money at the problem but that we are a part of an organized effort to get at the core needs of these families.

- Jim Tomlinson, Founder, Tomlinson & Associates

CATCH is illustrative of the type of projects that are improving the lives of residents in cities and towns across the country.

- Donald Borut, Executive Director, National League of Cities