Rental Assistance

Every month, CATCH pays the rent for participating families and continues to do so until families are able to pay their own rent and be self sufficient again. Through vital community partnerships, CATCH is able to support these families while they focus on finding work or simply addressing their unique challenges.

rental assistance
Market rate rent in the Treasure Valley typically falls between $500-$750 per month, depending upon the size of the housing unit. CATCH helps coordinate affordable housing for families, taking into consideration how many family members there are, where children may be in school, and how close the proximity to bus lines (if transportation is a challenge).  Though there may be a variety of barriers to housing (availability of vacant units, past rental or credit history, etc.), families can choose their housing from among units available to them during a reasonable time after intake into the program.

It has become clear across the country that a “housing first” approach helps families move from survival mode into stability, and get back on their feet more quickly. Rental assistance from charitable community partners helps CATCH re-house eligible families.