Employment Services

Once families have secured permanent housing again, CATCH then begins the real work of helping families become self sufficient again.

employment CATCHMany families come to CATCH without steady employment, though it is not uncommon for a single mom or dad to have a job and still be living in a homeless shelter. If not already employed, CATCH gives participants 60 days to find a job.  If a family member is not working, it becomes their “job” to find work, and they are encouraged to come in daily to the CATCH Family Resource Center to look for work.  CATCH staff provide daily job search assistance, and families are provided a safe environment to look for work while young children have room to play.

CATCH, Inc. is now an accredited vendor and provider of vocational rehabilitation services with the State of Idaho.  These services include work evaluation, job coaching, and job development.  CATCH Employment Services Manager, Craig Hepworth, can work with anyone in the community experiencing rehabilitative barriers to employment (not exclusively CATCH participants).  Call (208) 246-8830 to make an appointment.