catch-matchEstablished by Mountain West Bank in 2008, the CATCH Match component helps families save big while participating in Ada, Canyon, and Twin Falls programs.  Thanks to the vision and leadership of Mountain West Bank (who received a national Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Award in New Orleans, LA in 2009 for this initiative), CATCH families receive assistance to open a savings account at the bank of their choice, and then are given up to six months to save up to five hundred dollars. Upon graduation, the CATCH Match Fund then gives each participating family a 1:1 match for every dollar they are able to sock away in a savings account while in the program (up to $500).

Additionally, participating local banks provide an individual mentor for each family to increase their financial literacy and learn good financial habits. Many families have benefited from this opportunity, and it has not been uncommon at all for families to graduate from CATCH with an additional $500 check for their savings. CATCH Match continues to help families achieve, and maintain, financial self sufficiency.

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